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Advanced 61 Pyromancer

Advanced 61 Pyromancer


  1. This guide is written from the perspective of completely maximising your Pyromancer damage output including every known trick in the book. If you’re looking for something easier, read the simplified section.
  2. At the time of writing this post, Pyromancer is our highest single target ranged DPS spec, coming out over Necromancer by roughly 500-700 DPS, while being roughly 1000 DPS (6%) less than our melee specs (Harbinger, Necroharb)

Concepts of Pyromancer

Only one armour can be active at a time – and it is this armour which our rotation revolves around. Our rotation is based upon having Fireball hit the target in 3 second intervals while using using our range of Pyromancer spells as fillers in-between. Note that the 3 second ICD (internal cooldown) of double Fireball procs starts from when Fireball hits the target, not from when we start casting.

Yielding high DPS (damage per second) from the spec requires that you keep this ICD to mind. Typically, this means casting 2 seconds of fillers between casts. More free Fireballs in a fight of the same duration = more DPS!

  • Combust - stacks of debuff which amplify the damage of various spells

Combust is a DoT (damage over time) which stacks up to 5 times on the target, left primarily by casts of Fireball and Flame Bolt (commonly used spells). This is important for target swapping since several of our abilities greatly benefit from Combust

  • Cooldowns - ranging from cast-time reduction to hard hitting spells with lengthy cooldowns

Good DPS output in this spec relies upon good cooldown management. I.e. simply throwing out everything you have will gimp yourself in the long run; Pyro requires some etiquette

Point distribution

Maximum damage output:

61 Pyromancer 10 Warlock 5 Harbinger

  • 5 Harbinger is mandatory and flat out beats other options for 5 points (10% spellpower > 5% damage)
  • 10 Warlock is the best option in comparison to other subspecs. 10 Necromancer (5% damage & 5% spellpower) would be neutral if the 5% damage portion weren’t bugged to only affect Death damage

Free to play variant:

61 Pyromancer 10 Warlock 5 Archon

  • Lacking access to 10% spellpower, there are several F2P variants that can be used – Stormcaller, Archon and Necromancer all offer 5% damage at the lowest tier. I should note that at the time of writing this, Necromancer is currently bugged to only effect death damage. You can be flexible and drop 5% charge generation from Warlock to pick up 6 Archon (Flowing Sands run speed cooldown), 6 Stormcaller (Icy Vortex 25% dmg reduction cooldown or 6 Necromancer (Consumption, 1 buff purge/mana regen)

PvP variant:

61 Pyromancer 11 Stormcaller 4 Harbinger/Archon

  • Arguably our all out best PvP spec
  • While PvP is largely personal preference, I find that applying Life leech to targets sucks in PvP. Instead, we pick up Icy VortexRide the Wind and a little cast speed reduction. This makes for great mobility and defensive/escape options
  • Archon can be a decent option regardless of being F2P; especially if you’re being spam purged. Searing Vitality provides nearly 1000 health as well as acting as self-refreshing 5 stack buff fodder to protect Pyromancer’s Aegis and Glyphs of Power (though note the first-in first-out purging rule)

Knowing what you’re using helps to understand why and how your Pyro rotation will work. In general terms, Pyro is based upon Fireball(+aegis proc) > 2 seconds of fillers > Fireball(+aegis proc). The fillers which are used between Aegis procs will have a priority system.

This priority system is based on keeping high uptime of your short cooldown abilities (like Flame Bolt and Countdown), while also using your hard hitting long cooldown abilities (for example, Flame Volley, Fusilade and Fulminate) as soon as possible between Aegis windows.

At this point, in simple noob terms, you should know that you will be casting Fireball to hit the target in roughly 3 second intervals, and usually 2 spells inbetween Fireballs (henceforth known as fillers)

  • Fireball  - standard long cast time projectile; makes up most of our DPS. We have abilities to make Fireball cast faster (Heawave) or become instant cast (Extinguish). Both of these abilities affect the priority system of which we cast Fireball over other fillers. Note that Fireball also functions as a filler while the higher DPS fillers are on cooldown.
    In addition to this, Fireball has a 30% chance to proc Wildfire, resetting the cooldown of Flame Bolt and provides you with 3(4) Flame Bolts to use (appearing on the reactive ability icon bar). It is approximated that Wildfire has a 30 second ICD before it can be procced again from Fireball (testing needed)

Cast time cooldowns: While active, these influence the priority of filler spells between Fireball casts. Reason being, Pyromancer has a 1 second GCD (global cooldown) for Fire spells, and hence with 50% cast speed reduction or instant cast procs – Fireball comes under the global cooldown

  • Heatwave - While spamming fast Fireballs is nice, emphasis is on the cooldown reset of all Fire spells. Also note that in resetting Countdown we can stack Countdown on a target twice. Hence shaping our rotation into using up all cooldowns, applying Countdown – using Heatwave – stack Countdown and repeat
  • Extinguish - Off the GCD (global cooldown) to activate. Ideally, you want to space out your instant Fireballs, to maximise the amount of Aegis procs gained from them (i.e. don’t use all of the procs at once). Why? An instant Fireball proccing an Aegis Fireball is much higher DPS value than a cast time Fireball proccing Aegis.

Notes on using Extinguish
In making Fireball instant cast, it will skew our timing of Aegis procs and fillers since Fireball will hit the target sooner than the GCD finishes. It’s not a big deal, just means we have to add a 3rd second of fillers before an Extinguish and only 1 second of filler (rather than 2) needs to be used after the last Extinguish proc, in order to achieve Aegis procs. Remember, the goal is to get Aegis(double Fireball) procs as often as possible. Let me demonstrate:

Scenario 1: No Extinguish used: Say Extinguish is on cooldown and we’re normally casting Fireballs and instant cast fillers pretty close to a target:

1.35 seconds(raid buffed) Fireball cast (GCD finishes before cast completes) -
[00:00][3 second ICD of Aegis procs begins]Fireball hits target (+aegis procs 2nd Fireball)
[00:00] Filler
[01:00] Filler
[02:00] Fireball casting
[03:35]Fireball hits the target (+Aegis proc)
[continue with fillers...]

The important thing to take from above is that if Fireball hit before that 3 second mark, we would not get an Aegis proc. This would be bad.

Scenario 2: Using Extinguish inefficiently: Ok, so you’ve used your 2 fillers, and next cast makes sense to be a Fireball and your instinct is to use Extinguish to make it instant cast. I’ll show why this is wrong:

1.35 seconds(raid buffed) Fireball cast (GCD finishes before cast completes) -
[00:00][3 second ICD of Aegis procs begins]Fireball hits (+aegis procs 2nd Fireball)
[00:00] Filler
[01:00] Filler
[02:00] Extinguish + instant Fireball > Fireball hits the target (no free Fireball due to ICD)
[03:00] Second instant cast Fireball (+Aegis procs )
[continue with fillers...]

You ‘waste’ an Extinguish Fireball by using it too early when Aegis cannot proc. This would be ok if you had no other fillers available, but we’re assuming you do. If you want to reach the peak of Pyromancer potential it’s better to maximise the use of your Extinguish Fireballs like below:

Scenario 3: Using (leading up to) Extinguish perfectly: Assuming that enough fillers are off cooldown to do this and Extinguish is coming off cooldown to be used:

1.35 seconds(raid buffed) Fireball cast (GCD finishes before cast completes) -
[00:00][3 second ICD of Aegis procs begins]Fireball hits (+aegis procs 2nd Fireball)
[00:00] Filler
[01:00] Filler
[02:00] Filler
[03:00] Extinguish + instant Fireball > Fireball hits the target (+Aegis procs)
[continue with fillers...]

The 3 fillers above could also be replaced with a perfect Flame Volley (see below). Short version: If you’re going to use Extinguish, add a 3rd second of filler before the Extinguish Fireball. Note that this is under the assumption that you have cooldowns/fillers available; otherwise it is perfectly acceptable to use an instant cast Fireball as a filler itself (as shown in scenario 2). i.e.: Priority system of fillers

But we’re not done yet! It works the same, but in reverse, while using the last Extinguish Fireball. Reason being is that when Fireball is instant cast, it triggers a 1 second GCD. This means that only 1 filler is necessary with a hard-casted Fireball to gain an aegis proc. Demonstration:

Scenario 1: Incorrect follow up: In using the general 2 second filler rule, you ”waste” a filler and get the Aegis proc one second later than you could have:

[00.00] Extinguish Fireball cast and hits target (but we still have to wait for the 1s GCD)
[01.00] Filler
[02.00] Filler
[03.00] Start hard casting Fireball
[04.35] Fireball hits target and procs aegis – (only one filler was required between Aegis)

As you can see, the second filler was not necessary, given that a GCD has already been completed from the Extinguish Fireball which procced Aegis

Scenario 2: Using the last Fireball of Extinguish and following up with the next Aegis proc correctly:

[00.00] Extinguish Fireball cast and hits target (but we still have to wait for the 1s GCD)
[01.00] Filler
[02.00] Start hard casting Fireball
[03.35] Fireball hits target and procs aegis – (only one filler was required between Aegis)

As simple as not using a filler :)

tl;dr: when you have fillers available and are going to use Extinguish – insert an extra filler before Extinguish and one less filler after the last instant cast Fireball

Uberspell fillers (cooldown spells)
i.e. the hard hitting spells with lengthy cooldowns that you want to use up before a Heatwave cooldown reset. Some notes:

  1. Having Internalise Charge (talented to 19% damage mod) toggled on for these spells is important
  2. Although these spells hit hard and you don’t want to leave them on cooldown for too long; this does not mean that you should stray from your Aegis > fillerfiller > Aegis rotation or neglect the basics (Combust stacks, Countdown, Flame Bolt buff, etc)

Note that this isn’t a priority list, given that their cooldowns are reset by Heatwave, and hence the important factor is getting them on cooldown. The order of which you cast them is entirely dependent on current spell sequence, Combust stacks and charge level:

  • Flame Volley - 3 second channel which allows movement. Use between Aegis Fireballs. The channel will take you over the ICD of Aegis procs but the raw damage is worth it. Be sure not to clip the channel as the highest damage tick is as the end. Preferably make sure your current Flame Bolt buff and Countdown timers are at 5+ seconds prior to casting so that they won’t fall off during your channel
  • Withering Flames - Consumes 15 charge per second (charge depletion starting after 1 second has passed). This spell has recently changed to tick instantly upon impact and hence became awesomely worth using . It can be channeled for 8 seconds but NEVER do this. Use as either a 1 second or 2 second filler (3 max, if using Extinguish next) between Aegis Fireballs (cut the channel with another spell after 1-2 charge ticks).Note that I said you can use it as mainly a 1 or 2 second filler – Ideally, you’ll pop it right after a Fireball, let it run for 2 seconds then cast another Fireball. In reality, your charge might only be enough to fuel one tick, or you’ve just used another crucial 1s GCD filler and only have space for one tick in a smooth rotation, and so on.Lastly, only ever use if already at 5 Combust stacks (don’t use it to gain stacks as the damage will be poor)
  • Fusillade – A pretty simple casted spell but hits very hard. It’s easy to use given that it doesn’t consume charge. Make sure 5 Combust stacks are up prior to Fusillade hitting the target
  • Fulminate - drains 60 charge. Hits VERY hard. The charge requirement makes it clunky however. Ideally, you’ll let your charge build up prior to it coming off cooldown. If your charge is low , simply stall the Fulminate and use the rest of your repertoire first.
    Also worth nothing – casting Fulminate/Cinderburst triggers a 5 second shared cooldown between the two spells. This was added a while ago to limit the burst potential of Pyromancer in PvP. If you do get a Cinderburst proc at the same time as planning to use Fulminate (it happens), make sure Fulminate is used it is used before 6 seconds remaining of Cinderburst. If you pass this time, the Cinderburst proc will drop off and be wasted. If you can’t fit in Fulminate before this period, simply use the Cinder and delay Fulminate.

Listed in order of best DPS per GCD to worst, when slotting between Aegis Fireballs:

  • Life Leech - A hard hitting DoT (damage over time) that only has to be applied once and will be auto-refreshed every time Fireball hits the target, thanks to the Warlock Lingering Pain talent
  • Cinderburst - With Pyromancer’s Aegis, fire spells have a 5% chance to proc an instant cast Cinderburst, which must be used within 8 seconds of gaining the proc. It hits super hard, but note that there is a 10 second ICD, hence you don’t have to use it straight away. It’s better to use the other fillers first, but make sure Cinderburst is used before the proc drops off.A nice thing about Cinderburst – it gives +37 charge if used without a charge toggleLastly, it’s worth noting that Cinderbust can situationally be hardcasted during Heatwave (because of cast time reduction), as a replacement over a hard-casted Fireball.
  • Countdown – Considered a DoT, counts down 8 seconds then explodes. The damage upon explosion has two main factors:
  1. Buffs active upon cast (such as Improved Flame Bolt, Internalise Charge) and;
  2. The amount of Combust stacks on the target upon explosion.i.e. Flame bolt buff/Internalise Charge should be active before the cast rather than after, and you should have 5 Combust stacks before the timer hits zero.Countdown is a very high DPS spell. Given an 8 second cooldown and timer, it’s easy to gain downtime on, but you should aim to refresh it as soon after it explodes when possible (while keeping within the 3 second Aegis ICD windows)
  • Inferno - instant cast hitting harder than Flame Bolt – available when the target is sub 40% health. Don’t be tempted to macro this, it will result in severe macro lag
  • Flame Bolt – Flame-Bolt – A simple decently hard hitting instant cast spell which applies a 10% damage buff for 10 seconds on cast. Takes near-highest priority if the associated damage buff is not currently active. Can be cast multiple times if Wildfire procs from Fireball casts
  • Backdraft – It’s a fast casted AoE (area effect spell) which hits decently hard. Its use is highly debated – its damage per second value is slightly less than a Fireball – even more so if Wildfire is not currently in ICD. Best used as an extra filler to space out your Extinguish instant Fireballs. The stun portion of this ability is awesome in PvP or to use on dungeon trash to give the tank/healer breathing room
  • Fireball – all of the above, on cooldown and you’re out of fillers between Aegis Fireballs? Hardcast Fireball
  • Dark Touch  - instant cast DoT. The damage is lower than a hardcasted Fireball(+ all associated factors included, which have been debated A LOT) so you won’t ever cast it unless while moving
  • Searing Vitality (if F2P variant) – similar to Dark Touch – only use for movement

Misc Utility spells of note

  • Flicker - A signature and long loved Pyro ability. Teleport, break CC(crowd control), use it to move out of or through bad stuff and so on. Worth noting: With some aiming, you can use it to blink past things which would one shot you if contacted with. i.e. all of those nasty beams/waves on various bosses
  • Prime - Instantly applies 5 Combust stacks but you’ll rarely ever use it. It’s better to just let your Combust build up passively with Fireball/Flame Bolt. It does have a niche in target swapping however, when you might need to get up 5 Combust to use hard hitting abilities (like Fusillade/ Withering Flames) in a short period of time. I.e. tight DPS check adds (Storm Cannons on Crucia, Empowered adds on Salvarola, etc)
  • Scorch - The Pyromancer interrupt. It’s nice to have, but a Pyromancer should really only be a backup interrupter than a main interrupter. Reason: breaking channels/hard casts can/will ruin your DPS
  • Rune Shield – picked up from PvP PA – Consumes all charge and reduces damage by 25% for each ability hit, up to the next 5 abilties. Works in PvE and can be decent on some fights (Laethys orbs of destruction, Crucia Orbital Strike, etc)

Area effect damage

  • Flame Rupture  – Great in PvP for debuff spreading, and also in PvE for AoE. Given that each Combust stack boosts Fire Storm’s damage by 10% each now, Flame Rupture is very important. As for cleaving, I believe someone found that Flame Rupture can be used as a DPS efficient filler when cleaving 3+ targets (testing needed)
  • Fire Storm - Basic planted GTAE (ground target area effect spell). With 5 stacks of Combust, this hits just slightly less than a Fireball each second! Too bad there is a 1 second delay before the damage ticks start otherwise it would likely be worth using for single target fillers. I approximate that Firestorm is worth using with 2+ targets when each target has 5 Combust (additional testing needed)

Crowd Control

Pyro has some nice CC. Rarely used in PvE raiding but very prevalent to your success in both solo and PvP.

  1. Learn to watch the CC immunity timers displayed next to opposiing player’s portraits in order to use these effectively
  2. In the open world, you can make use of all three of these spells to disable and kill mobs before they can even damage you!

Mana regen


  • Pyromancer’s Aegis – as aforementioned through the guide – your only used armour buff in this spec (hence ignore Fire Armour and Pyromancer’s Armour at level 60, though use Pyromancer’s Armour when you unlock it if using this spec for leveling)
  • Glyphs of Power – A simple buff that when fully talented and this gives 15% damage bonus and improved mana regeneration. In the old days, this was a floor which we had to plant on the floor to stand inside to get the buff, but no more!
  • Flaring Intellect – Intelligence buff for the group. Note that this does not stack with the bard Fanfare and hence is only used in small groups/solo/PvP when a Bard is not present. I often buff myself with it in a raid anyway – given that if you play with other player’s buffs hidden, you will know the Bard isn’t slacking if your Flaring Intellect vanishes (has been overwritten). If it stays up – Bard isn’t doing what he/she should be!

Charge management

Internalise Charge -10 initial charge cost and then charge is drained while a 19% damage mod is applied and blocks charge gain while active. Internalise Charge Seems like a normal damage toggle and easy to use, right? Wrong. Many players will use this inefficiently leading to very noticeable DPS drops. While I can’t provide an exact list of times you should use it, you should take the following key ideas into account and decide yourself:

How long do I have to keep IC toggled on to receive its effect?

  • Hard-casted spells (spells with a cast time), e.g, Fireball, Fusillade, – IC must be toggled on before the cast and remain on throughout in order for the spell to receive the damage mod. If you untoggle half way through for example, it won’t get the buff, and will instead generate charge
  • Channeled spells, e.g, Flame Volley, Withering Flames and Fire Storm – IC only has to be toggled upon pressing the ability, and can be detoggled with the 19% buff remaining for the entirety of the channel. Hence you can detoggle early to save some charge. However, with an initial 10 charge cost for toggling, and the cost of animation lag in re-toggling (see below), it can be better to simply leave IC toggled for a short channel
  • Instant spells – The most simple – IC simple has to be turned on when you use them (duh)
  • DoTs (damage over time spells) – e.g, Dark Touch, Countdown – IC must be turned on upon cast, in exactly the same manner as an instant cast or channeled spell. The damage mod will apply to the entire duration of said DoT

Avoiding ability lag

Activating a toggle or OGCD (off global cooldown spell) after a hard casted ability (which goes past the GCD), will result in ability lag. Even being instant and OGCD, it will consume a fraction of a second before your next ability can fire. Doing this repeatedly (and obliviously) throughout a fight will really dent your DPS by a lot – ranging from the hundreds to thousands. It’s much better to only toggle IC (or using oGCD’s in general) during the GCD (i.e., after an instant cast or very fast cast). Here are two examples to demonstrate:

Scenario 1: Using Internalise Charge inefficiently made up sample of a rotation, let’s pretend our charge has just filled up and we want to cast a Flame Volley channel with Internalise Charge toggled for it:

Fireball(aegis) > Flame Bolt > Countdown > Hardcasted Fireball(aegis) > Internalise Charge + Flame Volley + Internalise Charge off after channel starts > Internalise Charge back on at the end of channel + Extinguish + Instant cast Fireball(aegis)

The above red writing is wrong for these reasons:

  1. Turning on IC after a hard casted Fireball will generate ability lag
  2. Turning IC off after Flame Volley to conserve charge seems like a good idea – but in reality, more lag is introduced again with retoggling for the next Extinguish and Fireball, which leads to more DPS loss than if you had just left the toggle on throughout

Scenario 2: Doing it right (efficiently) we still want Flame Volley to receive the charge toggle buff, but without receiving unnecessary ability lag!:

Fireball(aegis) > Flame Bolt > Internalise Charge + Countdown > Hardcasted Fireball(aegis) > Flame Volley > Extinguish* + Fireball(aegis) + Internalise Charge toggled off

This generates no ability lag from IC toggling because:

  1. Internalise Charge is toggled on mid GCD (after an instant cast ability). Note that it could have also been toggled on after the Countdown – but IC’ing Countdown when charge permits is preferred since it hits very hard
  2. Flame Volley gets buffed with IC – but since we’re planning to also have IC toggled for an ability after Flame Volley (in this case, the next instant cast Fireball), we simply leave it toggled on, and detoggle at the next GCD


The above example was showing how to use IC efficiently, though I’ve purposely included Extinguish (as coloured in orange) in the example to show that sometimes you have to be inefficient (it’s oGCD and casted after Flame Volley, will generate a little lag since it’s not being used mid GCD). – The other alternative would be leaving Extinguish on cooldown for another Aegis window which would be worse than eating a fraction of a second using Extinguish at a less than perfect time.

Ultimately, you have to use your brain and work one step ahead with ability lag and using oGCD’s. Ideally, you’ll trigger them mid GCD. Sometimes, you can’t.

Charge Gain vs Drain
This section is referring to whether you spend IC charge on an ability or leave the ability unbuffed to generate charge.

Generally speaking, you’ll want IC toggled on for all of your hard hitting abilities (see cooldown spells). Besides from those, it is largely dependent on current levels of charge.

For example, it’s nice to have IC toggled for things like Aegis Fireballs (especially if they aren’t hardcasted) and most of our powerful instant cast abilities like Countdown, Inferno and Flame Bolt. However since we don’t have enough charge to infinitely fuel these, plus the -10 charge cost of toggling, it’s better to aim to keep IC untoggled for low DPS portions of your rotation (i.e. when hardcasting Fireballs and using the weaker of your fillers), until your charge bar is nearly full, and then toggle mid-GCD to spend on higher DPS portions of your rotation, like while Extinguish or Wildfire is up. Note that this should be a general sense of thinking, and not something to law-abide to.

Abilities of note for charge gain:

  • Burning Shield - oGCD (off the global cooldown) beefy shield. Important for DPS’ing as it provides a free +11 charge every 30 seconds. Take advantage of it as often as you can while making sure to only press mid-GCD to avoid ability lag. Besides the charge gain, sometimes you’ll want to save it for surviving certain mechanics (Regulos Crash of Souls)
  • Cinderburst – Yeah, it hits damn hard and you want IC turned on for it if you’re above the 63 charge mark. However, 37 charge for an instant cast is a ton. If you have a period of high charge starvation or burst DPS upcoming (cooldowns) and your charge is on the low end (below 50-60), then don’t use IC – take the charge to help keep your rotation smooth

Utility Macros
There are no real spell sequence macros for this spec. Though I like the following:

#show heat wave
cast heat wave
cast burning shield
cast [notactive] internalize charge
cast countdown
use excellent bottle of spellstrikes
cast fireball

This just makes it easier to cast the multiple oGCD (Heatwave, Burning Shield, Internalise Charge) then Countdown with minimal ability/player-input lag mid GCD. Then I’ll go back to spamming other buttons. You can remove Burning Shield – it is just put there for charge gain. You can also add the line use excellent bottle of spellstrikes if using those consumables.

The following simply lets you cast Backdraft or Fire Storm on your target without having to aim and click them down:

#show backdraft
cast @gtae backdraft

#show fire storm
cast @gtae fire storm

And finally, if you like to combine your CC breaks (not always recommended):

#show flicker
cast flicker
cast break free

Hm there is one good spell sequence macro. After much research and browsing the forums and reading from the professionals who have recently manifested:

#show fireball
cast [ctrl] flame rupture
cast [ctrl] fire storm
cast [shift] cinderburst
cast burning shield
cast prime
cast withering flame
cast fulminate
cast flame volley
cast fusillade
cast countdown
/w valery@zaviel will you be my friend?
cast inferno
cast flame bolt
cast backdraft
cast extinguish
cast fireball
cast dark touch

Example of what should be on your bars:


This section is written on the assumption that you receive no Wildfire (3x Flame Bolt) or Cinderburst procs. Hence a live rotation will always be very slightly unique – it’s best to learn and understand these basics and then adapt intuitively. I’m going to detail why I use spells in such a way in italics, to make it clear why the rotation is set in the way it is.

Opener (pre Heatwave rotation)

The goal: Use up all of our hard hitting cooldowns while sticking to using Fireball every 3 seconds to maximise Aegis procs and maintaining Countdown/ Flame Bolt buff uptime. Fireball(a) will indicate a Aegis proc is triggered

Buff yourself with Pyromancer’s Aegis, Glyphs of Power and Flaring Intellgect (if no Bard present) > precast Fire Storm for maximum charge on fight start

Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Life Leech > Countdown >

Fireball is hard-casted as the tank runs to pick up the boss, as most guilds will do a count-down when pulling. Flame Bolt must be second to be off cooldown for Combust reasons later in this opener block. Countdown is delayed and placed after Lifeleech because of hardcast/ability lag reasons when using Internalise Charge next. Given that we start with a harscast Fireball, 3 seconds of filler are used instead of 2 prior to Extinguish

Internalise Charge + Extinguish + Fireball(a) > Flame Volley > Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Fusillade > Fireball(a) > Countdown > Withering Flame (1 charge tick) + InternaliseOFF >

IC remains toggled for the duration of this section due to +10 toggle and ability lag reasons. Flame Volley is used as the first spell cooldown since the 3 second channel enables Flame Bolt to come off cooldown at the right time to provide 5 Combust for Fusillade. Only 1 second of Withering Flames is used (2 damage ticks, 1 charge tick) to keep the rotation fluid

Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Backdraft > Fireball(a) >

Backdraft is used as a filler so that the last remaining Extinguish Fireball can proc Aegis. Note that the Fireball before Fulminate is the last of your Extinguish procs, and if you’re experiencing lag, the 15s timer may expire. If this is going to happen, simply use an instant Fireball as a non-aegis Filler instead of Backdraft, then hardcast Fireball for Aegis instead.

IC on + Fulminate > IC off > Casted Fireball(a)> Countdown + Burning shield >

Only one filler is required after Fulminate because it is prefaced by an instant Fireball and followed with a hard-casted Fireball. Burning Shield is used to fuel charge for the upcoming Heatwave. All big cooldowns should now be used, you’re at 5 Combust stacks and have just casted Countdown. Your charge is lowish but otherwise that was a Perfect transition into a Heatwave rotation:

Heatwave rotation

Now, the Heatwave rotation is pretty much the same concept as the opener – keeping up Flame Bolt buff and Countdown, while using hard hitting moves again while keeping within the Aegis window. Ultimately, where you go from here depends on the amount of charge you have. But a standard opener-followup with low charge to start is as follows:

[... Countdown] > Heatwave + Burning Shield + IC on + Countdown > Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Fusillade > Fireball(a) > Flame Volley + IC off > Fireball(a) > Countdown > Flame bolt > Fireball(a) > Fireball > IC on + Fulminate > IC off + Fireball(a) [Heatwave Expires] >

Note that Extingush is not used during Heatwave because Fireball is bought below the GCD with 50% cast speed reduction. IC can be toggled after hardcasted Fireballs during Heatwave without ability lag considering Fireball comes under the GCD

Body rotation

From here until the next Heatwave you will simply be using fillers from Aegis to Aegis proc via a priority system of fillers (i.e. using what hits the most per GCD from your selection of fillers) while upkeeping the basics. Don’t worry, we’ve already been practically doing this, just under the name of ‘rotation’ instead of ‘priority system’

Remember, this is a Priority system of 61 Pyromancer, and not a flow chart rotation. This means that before going down the list, all of the above should have been used/done first:

Life Leech
(apply if not currently on target)
Burning Shield
(if not full charge and only mid GCD)
Expiring Cinderburst
(Cinder is only this high in priority if its timer will expire next)
Extinguish(instant) Aegis Fireball
(if it will proc a double Fireball with Pyromancer’s Aegis)
Hardcasted Aegis Fireball
Improved Flame Bolt 10% dmg buff
(Flame Bolt if buff isn’t active or will drop soon)
”Uber filler spells”
(Flame Volley/ Withering Flames/ Fusillade/ Fulminate, assuming charge, spell sequence and Combust permit; i.e. you wouldn’t cast Flame Volley with 1 second til next Aegis)
(if mob is sub 40% health)
Flame Bolt
(if Wildfire has not procced in the last 30 seconds, but this is flexible)
(casted or not, no Aegis)
Dark Touch
(if moving and have no other instant casts available)

Follow this priority system until the next Heatwave. Note, the uber spells will begin coming off cooldown about 15-20 seconds after Heatwave comes off cooldown. Delay your Heatwave, use the spells and then use Heatwave to reset them. It is a waste to reset them as soon as Heatwave comes off cooldown as that would lead to less spell casts of the aforementioned abilities in a longer fight.

Now, without all of the comments:

Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Life Leech > Countdown > Internalise Charge + Extinguish + Fireball(a) > Flame Volley > Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Fusillade > Fireball(a) > Countdown > Withering Flame (1 charge tick) + InternaliseOFF > Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Backdraft > Fireball(a) > IC on + Fulminate > IC off > Casted Fireball(a)> Countdown + Burning shield > Heatwave + Burning Shield + IC on + Countdown > Fireball(a) > Flame Bolt > Fusillade > Fireball(a) > Flame Volley + IC off > Fireball(a) > Countdown > Flame bolt > Fireball(a) > Fireball > IC on + Fulminate > IC off + Fireball(a) [Heatwave Expires] > [continue with priority system]

See, that doesn’t really help. Hence all of the captioning above. Enjoy!

Area effect rotation priority system

This is DPS effective for 2+ targets but will mostly only be used on trash or add heavy phases of boss fights. It is rare that you will be frequently using Fire Storm – given that if there is a lot of AoE required in a fight, you’re better off playing Necromancer, Harbinger or Warlock

Flame Rupture
(Cast to maintain 5 Combust stacks on all targets)
Keep up Flame Bolt 10% damage buff
(only before/after Fire Storm channels, don’t interrupt channels for this)
Fire Storm
(cut channel and recast when Flame Bolt buff gets to 1 second – this lets you do another full channel before rebuffing, while retaining the original Flame Bolt buff)

Karuulalert set

Open your Karuulalert addon ingame (type /Karuulalert). Go to File > Import set > paste the below code > press import > click edit layout and place to your preference > click save and exit

Spoiler Inside SelectShow


Is the rotation too complex – you don’t want to completely min max or be the best of the best and just want a simple rotation which doesn’t lose too much damage output!? The following video guide is your friend:


But in all seriousness, all you need to do is learn the priority system listed above in the rotations section, and work with a Fireball > 2 spells/Flame Volley > Fireball rotation system. Simples!

That’s all folks

Any proof reading/ corrections are appreciated, I’m sure I’ve missed something as usually errors slip through. Yeah, it’s a long read. I personally enjoy reading about the things I play, in detail. I don’t really care if this doesn’t help people who come to copy/paste a spec and macros 3 minutes before a raid.

Commenting is moderated and requires 1 previously accepted comment to post. I check comments daily. This had to be done since when I turned off moderation, next day there were like 70 spam bot posts, lol.

Valery@zaviel, Last Dawn guild




  1. Rocky · August 18, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Val,

    I’ve been waiting for this guide to appear. Avid reader of your other guides. The’re awesome and much appreciated.


  2. Shahean · August 18, 2013 Reply

    thanks for the tips, but can u link a pars / gear / stats , so we actually get a hint of how much dps we should produce in tis spec, most appreciated

  3. Alex · August 18, 2013 Reply

    hi val! I love your guides, they helped me a lot. I have one question. I’m just 60, which spec would u reccomend me for having a good dps in dungeon/raids? My guild is going to take me into raids no matter what my equipment is, so need something to have a good dps and dont screw the raid.

    Salutes from argentina!

    • val · August 18, 2013 Reply

      It depends on the raid and your ability to handle melee specs well. Some new players simply can’t handle melee as well as ranged (keeping up with the mob and a faster rotation and such).

      For dungeons, it doesn’t matter so much. 61 Harbinger, Necrobinger, Necromancer and Pyromancer can all perform very well.

      For raids, again, it depends on the raid. My honest answer would be: Whatever you feel comfortable. Most of the current DPS specs for Mage can perform at a competitive level. For absolute maximum effectiveness though; For example, TODQ (first 10man):

      First boss: 61 Harbinger/Necrobinger Blademark variant (you can Blademark the bird adds if they need to die);
      2nd boss – requires some target swapping to break people from mind control – Necrobinger probably puts out the most
      3rd boss (melee unfriendly due to beams!) – While being melee unfriendly – 61 Harb is best on this fight. The beams come in 30 second intervals, the same timing as your cooldown for Phantom Blades. You can also Blademark them to keep DPS’ing the boss. Not comfortable with this? Go Pyromancer for direct nuking
      4th boss – Typheria+dragon form: 61 Necromancer works best. If your raid is not pushing DPS, you will need to stay at range for long periods of time. Necro is taken over Pyro since you’ll also need to be moving a lot – and Necro can continue to perform optimally 99% of the time with Epidemic procs and instant casts

      Only got time to learn one spec for the raid? I would go with Necromancer. It also gives 20% damage reduction to you, and you can link another player (like the tank) for 30% damage reduction if necessary. It’s a simple spec and highly versatile, ranged and so on.

  4. Fragasm · August 18, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for this! I was heartbroken when I tossed my Pyro spec for Necro which was higher DPS, now I no longer need Necro, other than for the link. Thank you for giving me my favorite spec back!

  5. Capwn · August 18, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for the updated guide and the addition of the pvp info – much appreciated as always!


  6. val · August 18, 2013 Reply

    Just re-read it again and fixed a few errors. Flame Bolt and Fireball were missing from the priority system, oops :p

  7. DoctorFoo · August 18, 2013 Reply

    The amount of detailed work you put into these guides them make them the best anywhere. Thanks so much!

  8. Bishopsik · August 22, 2013 Reply

    Thank you so much for this guide! The level of detail and energy you put into your guides really helps those of us who aren’t familiar or comfortable with the spec yet. You are such an asset to this community, not just for your knowledge, but the fact you are so proactive in sharing it! Thanks again!

  9. Mipzhap · August 25, 2013 Reply

    Hey Val,
    First of all, nice guide! :)
    I did however find a small typo, in your Karuul Alert section:

    “Go to File > Import set > paste the below code > press important > click edit layout” – I don’t know where to press “important” :)

  10. MonkeysUncle · August 27, 2013 Reply

    Exhaustive but excellent guide. I especially love the timestamped explanation of the extinguish/aegis interaction.

    There’s a small thing to watch out for with extinguish that I find myself using a lot. Sometimes after a fireball>filler>filler you’ll see extinguish is still on cooldown and the instinct is to hardcast another fireball and wait till next block to use extinguish. But many times I find extinguish is about to come off cooldown after the second filler. In that case you can cast a third filler with extinguish on cooldown then during the GCD of that third filler pop extinguish and keep the aegis timing.

    It’s one extra thing on top of a mountain of other pyro considerations but I found since I’m monitoring the extinguish cooldown all the time anyway once I realized how to recognize the situation it was very easy to incorporate into the playstyle. At worst this is pretty dps neutral and just shifts your burst while at best you save 1-2 seconds on the extinguish refresh every time and it adds up to the point you can sneak in an extra one before the HW reset.

  11. Dragonsbane777 · August 31, 2013 Reply

    Wow. DPS went from 5500 to 8500 ojo!!!! YOU ROCK BRO!

  12. Lord Creator GOD the toothfairy · September 2, 2013 Reply

    A lot of thought and work went into this guide..

    That said, it doesn’t even list the buffs you should use outside pyromancer’s aegis.

    It would really be nice for those who are new to mage to list the buffs you cast in a buff section.

    I’m sure some people can “figure it out”, but isn’t that kind of the point of the guide – to tell you the information you need? ._.

    • val · September 10, 2013 Reply

      Hah, you’re right. I completely missed it – so thanks for pointing it out.

      Pyromancer’s Aegis, Glyphs of Power is all that are used. Fire armour and pyromancers armour do not stack with the aforementioned and hence aren’t used. Flaring Intellect doesn’t stack with the bard buffs in a raid and hence you only use it during smaller groups/solo/pvp

  13. Olir · September 3, 2013 Reply

    Great guide!
    Although I started playing rift 1.5 months, a lot of this is quite confusing, it helps that I’ve been playing as a pyro since though, although with horrible dps. about 9.5k dps with 2100 int, 4200/2050/450. I’m pretty sure I could hit a lot better your setup as I’ve only really learned the absolute basics, but it is quite confusing. Your action bar setup, is that the most optimal setup? It is quite different from mine, along with your movement keys being changed. I have been thinking about changing over to ESDF, as it does allow more keybinds etc like you’ve said. So not to mess up my setup, I went ahead and made a new role and made it exact as yours, I will see how it goes, will probably need some getting used to. I also copied your kalert, some of those alerts aren’t for the 61 Pyromancer 10 Warlock 5 Harbinger setup, as that what the majority of the guide is? Or am I wrong?


    • val · September 10, 2013 Reply

      As for keybindings – do what you feel is most comfortable. That works for me. Perhaps I should comment that the picture really is just for show of what abilities you should have access to :p.

      As for the karuulalert set – there are some random useful things in there, since I copied my personal set. Icons which might pop up as warnings for certain boss mechanics in raids, and so on.

  14. Kyle · September 14, 2013 Reply

    Now that the 5% damage talent in Necromancer has been fixed (on PTS at least), would you say 10 Necro is a good substitute for 10 Warlock? The 5% extra damage and 5% spell power in theory gives this spec better damage than a permanent Life Leech on target switching or multi-target fights requiring AoE.

    Also, I noticed your post on the forums about Backdraft being lower DPS than a hard casted Fireball (no Aegis proc) but it is still listed in your guide. Do you think Backdraft is still a good filler to use between Aegis procs, or would a hard casted Fireball be superior?

    • val · September 21, 2013 Reply

      It’s best used between Extinguish Fireballs, as to not ”waste” an instant Fireball. As for spec choice, after much debate on the Rift forums a while ago, it was concluded that with a bug fix they should be VERY close. I think Warlock should pull ahead though due to the additive multiplier of the Necro talent. Plus, the charge generation from Warlock makes the spec feel more fluid.

  15. Frailaq · September 18, 2013 Reply

    Is it just me or are there not enough fillers? Also, this “rotation” is eerily similar of the game Whack-A-Mole. Fireball -> WHACK -> WHACK -> Fireball. And that is disturbing. Still not sure why but for some reason I find Chloro or even Domi to be significantly easier than this and I haven’t even gotten to the point of adding Internalize Charge into the mix. Too many abilities to even have time to look at the charge bar and I don’t even want to think about adding movement and raid awareness into this maelstrom of button mashing.

    • val · September 21, 2013 Reply

      Yeah it takes a while to get used to but with enough practice it’s all second nature and you can do it with your eyes closed. Practice on that dummy :p

  16. hicks · September 20, 2013 Reply

    Hi Val, thanks for the guide, it been a great help. Can you tell me if Warlock is viable as a ranged spec at the moment and around how much DPS it is compared to Pyro and Necro?

    • val · September 21, 2013 Reply

      Not very viable at the moment, it’s around 1k DPS (?) below both, and that’s assuming full fight duration to include Death’s Door. I believe it is only worth using on dual target where both targets are far apart (twins 4 tank method, Gelidra/Progenator Hardmode maybe)

  17. http://www.lee.org · September 29, 2013 Reply

    Thanks for finally talking about >valvalval | RIFT Mage Guides <Loved it!

  18. Logan · October 12, 2013 Reply

    Hey man, is there a reason you don’t use lightning blade as a buff? It gives a 5% chance to do an additional 600 air damage.

  19. Kristof · October 17, 2013 Reply

    Hi Val, i’ve been playing 3 weeks, lvl 49 pyro, and i’ve finally managed to really grasp everything in your guide. Thing is though, since i’m not lvl 60 yet and missing Aegis as well as Extinguish, what would be the best subtitude for Fire Ball in the rotation?
    Or should i be thinking about a different build? I’m having trouble finding a decent high dps guide for my level, with the level of explanation this guide offers.

  20. Beth · October 22, 2013 Reply

    Hey Val,
    I have a question for you and hope you can help. I don’t raid but I do a lot of Hunts and zone events. Are the rotations still the same for the kind of play I do? Though I don’t raid, I still like want to do the best I can. Thank you for your time in all the guides you write.

  21. Sherwood · December 16, 2013 Reply

    Hey Val, I started using your guide as a starter for pyro a while back. I don’t use the full rotation but I created a macro to use that seems to not lose most of the DPS as if you were using the full rotation because it can get complicated trying to keep up the rotation and deal with the mechanics as well. Anyways, back to my main question. Is Withering Flames a DPS gain? I tend to find it to be a DPS stabilizer/loss unless it crits for atleast 50% of the ticks. And for Flame Volley, how much of a DPS gain is that? I tend to use it on movement like Regulos’ tentacles or Goloch’s baleful smash. When you are trying to burn the crap out of something, is it worth it to throw that in once you have popped Heatwave on a fight like Regulos’ bridge boss or in GA with Salv if you only kill one add? The reason why I ask about FV is because someone mentioned that with recent updates, it is a DPS loss although I have not seen any updates to FV. I always thought it was a hard hitting DPS gain.

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