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Leveling as a Harbinger

Leveling as a Harbinger

Chlorobinger leveling

Transform your weapon into a Sword, Scythe or Axe while mashing your enemies to death with powerful air and life slashes while passively generating healing to keep on going. 

All you need to know about this spec is that you slash things, and slashes will proc your armour, which lets your next spell be fast casted for more damage.

Note that this is a Storm Legion soul and is one of the few things in RIFT you need to pay for to unlock. Unlock via buying Storm Legion or buying the Storm Legion souls @ in-game cash shop

Level 1-9
Begin by filling out your Harbinger soul with spare points into Chloromancer . Once you reach 8 Harb, start working more on points into Chloro:


How to play: Summon your Earth elemental, buff yourself with Eldrich Armour and simply pull mobs with Blazing Light/Withering Vine then start slashing them. Use Vile Spores whenever you get an armour proc. You’ll have to stop and drink for mana, at least until later on

Abilities to keybind:

  • Storm Slash & Storm’s Fury (macroed together, see below) main damaging slashes
  • Vile Spores to use when your armour procs to make a spell instant
  • Blazing Light and Withering Vine as your ranged DoTs (damage over time) spells. Simply use them while closing in on mobs. Blazing Light will increase your dodge chance, Withering Vine provides more healing.
  • Charged Blade charge toggle – simply leave it turned on when you have charge. Slashes consume charge while spells won’t
  • Summon Lesser Earth Elemental – This isn’t a pet spec but the 0 point Elementalist pet will be of use for you for these early levels
  • And finally your main 1hour buffs – Eldrich Armour (This is important, make sure it’s on) and Lightning Blade (you deal extra damage with slashes)

Main spam macro:

#show storm’s fury
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast storm’s fury
cast storm slash
cast blazing light

This will just make you spam your slashes while turning on Charged Blade when you have charge. It will cast Blazing Light if you’re not in range to do a melee ability.
(View my macro guide if you need help setting this up in-game) http://valvalval.net/macros-and-how-they-work/

Level 10-19

Add more points up until 8 Chloromancer to unlock your main healing source (Lifegiving Veil). Add 2 points to Elementalist for a strong nuke and then continue working on Harbinger:


Your play style is the same as before except you’ll now use Piercing Beam once in melee range for each new mob. We’re going to macro Lightning Strike with Vile Spores for more damage. Make sure you buff yourself with Lifegiving Veil. Your low level pet will start getting weak at this level bracket so it’s optional to summon him/her :)

New keybinds:

  • Piercing Beam – Debuff to increase your slashing damage to the target
  • Lifegiving Veil – 1hour buff which makes your abilities heal you and your group for small amounts. Extra healing from life based abilities (like Vile Spores, Piercing Beam, etc)

Change your slashing macro to:

#show storm’s fury
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast vorpal slash
cast storm’s fury
cast storm slash
cast blazing light

And a new macro for Eldrich armour procs:

#show lightning strike
cast lightning strike
cast vile spores
(remember, you only press than when you get an Armour proc)

Level 20-27

Add points into Harbinger, first reducing your Vorpal Slash to become instant cast and pick up 2/2 Lightning Repose (damage on dodge/parry) and Disabling Shock.

Next, get Eldritch Gift (amazing talent for your procs), Improved Blade Rush and Living Charge. Skip the Living Charge point if you want your Blade Rush to always stun. On the next tier, Conditioned Response


These talents will affect how you use Vorpal Slash (read below under macros). You also get some nice AE (area effect damage) capability and an arsenal of stuns

Abilities to keybind:

  • Lucent Slash for AE (area effect) damage
  • Blade Rush (gap closer stun) and Disabling Shock (ranged stun)
  • Conditioned Response – a weak heal. I don’t recommend macroing it for mana reasons
  • Introspection – Mana will be trouble no more! Or at least, slightly less XD

Modify macros: Remove Vorpal Slash from slashing macro and add it to Eldrich proc macro (macros are now as shown):

#show storm’s fury
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast storm’s fury
cast storm slash
cast blazing light

#show vorpal slash
cast vorpal slash
cast lightning strike
cast vile spores

Whenever you get an Eldrich armour proc, hit the above macro twice to use Vorpal Slash then Lightning Strike/Vile Spores. Vorpal Slash doesn’t consume the proc but is affected by the proc due to cast speed reduction talent, so it only takes up a 0.5s GCD rather than 1second (read Advanced Harbinger guide for more info)

Level 28-34 We have two options from here.

  1. If you feel your survivability is fine, just keep adding to Harbinger with sub points into Elementalist crit chance and Lightning Strike bonus.
  2. If you want to up your survivability to more be more reliable on big groups of mobs (amg I ran into 10 mobs!) but don’t mind slightly less ST (single target) damage then add more into Chloromancer as shown below:


Play style remains mostly the same but you can now mass pull lots of mobs with Blazing Light, use AoE Radiant Spores, and kill them all while remaining on 100% health.

Abilities to keybind:

  • Bloom – basic but powerful spot heal. Note that it only consumes a 0.5s GCD if used with an Eldrich proc due to cast time talenting
  • Radiant Spores – Use on packs of mobs and hit them for heals!
  • Ruin – it’s more damage than a Storm Slash, but only use it directly after an Eldrich Armour proc. (check the Advanced Harbinger guide for extensive reasoning, but basically it’s best to use it during the internal cooldown of your armor). It is also another movement spell and triggers a nice amount of healing
  • Synthesis/Lifebound Veil – you won’t have use for these in this spec, unless you’re support healing a dungeon with a Cleric healer; then you can pop Synthesis on the tank and your Ruin/Nature’s Touch will supplement the tank healing nicely

Modify macros to include:

#show storm’s fury
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast storm’s fury
cast storm slash
cast ruin*
cast blazing light

*Ruin will trigger when you’re out of range to use melee abilities

#show lightning strike
cast vorpal slash
cast lightning strike
cast nature’s touch
cast vile spores

*Nature’s Touch hits for a lot of damage and gives you a nice chunk of healing

Level 35-45

Time to simply fill out the Harbinger tree. Basically we’re taking the best talents to reach Reaper’s Blade. Furious Assault is a MASSIVE gain to your damage output. The rest is mostly survivability procs and damage increase


New keybinds:

  • Blade Mark is awesome for all of those times you have just two mobs attacking you, especially if one is a caster/ranged
  • Phase Step is a nice AoE ability to combine with Lucent Slash spam
  • Reaper’s Blade will now replace Lightning Blade. It’s better for solo’ing
  • Distracting Slash – No reason for Mages not to interrupt ;)
  • Glaring Fetters(optional) – deals a lot of damage if the target is moving. Can be thrown at the bottom of your spam macro or binded seperately for PvP
  • Planar Shield(optional) – you won’t need to use it much since your survivability is already insane. If you wish to use it, remove the cast [notactive] charged blade] line from your spam macro, as you’ll need more control over your charge useage

Modify spam macro:

#show storm’s fury
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast storm’s fury
cast storm slash
cast ruin
cast blazing light
cast vengeful shock*

*Vengeful Shock only triggers if you are dodged/parried/blocked. It’s oGCD (off the global cooldown) so if you’re spamming this macro it doesn’t matter if it’s at the bottom

Level 46-50

More filling out of the Harbinger soul. We pick up Insult to Injury (minor shielding) and 10% parry chance/5 % damage plus some awesome utility abilities…


Same place style – but with two overpowered cooldowns:

New keybinds:

  • Phantom Blades – You’re now a melee Mage who can melee from 30 meters for half the time!
  • Essence of Wind – dodge chance cooldown but really nice for DPS while solo’ing since it will proc lots of Lightning Ripose damage. Hence use it proactively as a DPS cooldown rather than defensively
  • Oh and Planar Retreat. Leap backwards, yay

Level 51-59

Nothing special here for point allocation. 5 into Elementalist for crit chance and personal preference for Harbinger up to 59. I’ve opted for run speed and extra dodge chance


As for abilities, you get two rather nice ones.

New keybinds:

  • Tempest Winds – Uber strong DPS channel. You’ll take out most of a mobs’ health by going up to them and doing Piercing Beam>Tempest Winds>main slash macro
  • Rending Slash – Macro’d but also needs to be on its own button given that you’ll need to make sure the debuff doesn’t drop off of your target

Modify slash macro (replace Storm Slash with Rending Slash):

#show storm’s fury
cast [notactive] charged blade
cast storm’s fury
cast rending slash
cast ruin
cast blazing light
cast vengeful shock

Level 60:

Grats, now ditch this spec and become a pro; check out my Advanced Harbinger guide:




  1. Guest · July 10, 2013 Reply


    is there a mistake in the level 28-34 section? Or is it intend to not have Vorpal Slash in the EA proc macro anymore?

    Thanks for your effort with the Guides, helps new players, like me, a lot! :D

  2. AngryMustache · July 13, 2013 Reply

    Just an FYI. Your 46-50 build links to the 59 build as well. Great guide though!

  3. Brian · July 24, 2013 Reply

    Hi, new to this build. One thing I don’t really understand is why Vorpal Slash is part of the EA proc macro and not the main spam macro? You have 2 points into Razor’s Edge. Doesn’t this make Vorpal Slash instant cast? With a 8 sec duration and 8 sec cooldown it seems perfect to work into the spam macro.

    • Brian · July 25, 2013 Reply

      I just read the 61 Harbringer guide and answered my own question. But, for leveling and pvp scenarios it seems to me that putting vorpal slash in the spam macro is more advantageous. It guarantees uptime on short fights and makes the rotation way less complicated.

      • val · July 25, 2013 Reply

        I disagree. It’s no more complicated to have in the proc macro, and consuming only a 0.5s GCD increases your damage output on a given target. Just think of it like this: Vorpal slash has 50% more damage if used with proc.

        • Darzk · November 10, 2013 Reply

          Try using #show Vorpal Slash instead of Lightning Strike; then you can see when you have to double click and when its just a single. A tiny hassle when you dont want to use Vile Spores tho :S.

          I also added stopcasting to the front of the slash macro to cancel accidental retaps of the EG Proc macro. Same thing with Lucent Slash for AoE spam.!

          Finally I also macrod Blazing Light to my Piercing Beam key, just for ease of pulling when I want the extra dodge.

          Procs are frequent enough that the extra downtime of Vorpal is more than made up for by the faster gcd when used with the proc.

  4. Ez · July 28, 2013 Reply

    I might be missing something, but why not put Crystalline missiles in the 1-9 macro? Isn’t that the only spell that you can use with EA early on?

    Maybe you are just trying to teach people how to play as I recognize that this won’t be used later on, and teaching the “jump macro” to newbs and then “ignore the jump macro” later might be a challenge. Just a thought though, as a long term mage I used Crystalline Missiles early on while jumping with the type of macro that you use in your Necromancer guide. Was I wrong to do this? Should I have done something different? Let me know, I’m always open to constructive criticism :)

    Also when trying to complete the reply the question was nine+1= and when trying to type “10″, I could only type one character :(

  5. Ez · July 29, 2013 Reply

    Nevermind, I see what’s going to happen. That’s only viable until you get chloro buff and lightning bolt. Answered my own question :p

  6. paabs · August 12, 2013 Reply

    What planar attunment should I go with when I hit lvl 50?

  7. Shak · August 25, 2013 Reply

    Thank you for your nice guide, it really helped me getting into Mage again. But I have questions about the itemisation. Maybe I get sh*t in the eyes, but I didn’t find something about stuff on this website, so what do you recommend ?
    Since I still leveling, I just take the stuff the quests give me, but I prepare myself for the lvl 60 !

  8. Psynister · September 4, 2013 Reply

    I’ve tried the build, and it really works great. The one problem that I have with it is that there’s nothing in this build that utilizes the procs for the sake of AoE damage which means it’s slower and rather boring.

    I would really like to be able to incorporate some AoE damage into this spec by way of the armor procs, which basically limits us to Stormcaller. Chloromancer provides the survival heart of this spec, and that’s something I don’t want to sacrifice for the AoE damage if I don’t have to, which means it’s Elementalist that has to go.

    Lightning Strike is some tasty damage for single targets, so losing that does kind of suck, but I’m using this build mostly for leveling and cloth farming, so single target isn’t particularly my focus anyway.

    So the purpose of my reply here is to get your thoughts on a Harbinger spec that can utilize the AoE damage from Stormcaller, whether that’s simply by switching the points from Elementalist into Stormcaller for Forked Lightning or possibly moving even some of the Chloromancer points over as well as I don’t mind sacrificing some of my single target utility for the sake of more/better AoE damage.

    I don’t want to loose too much on the survivability side since that’s really the main draw of leveling with this spec for me, but I really need to get some better AoE capability.

    • val · September 10, 2013 Reply

      The problem with a Stormcaller subsoul in such a spec is that Forked Lightning is really, really bad. It’s only a gain over Lightning Strike or even Vile Spores when it hits roughly 5+ targets. And while grinding, you have less than 5 targets more often than more. I found that a SC subspec really slows down the leveling process.

      Forked Lightning on procs could be nicer if mobs didn’t have such a short leash range before they run away :c To make SC HARB worthwhile you would need to go for a full DPS hybrid and drop all survivability, which doesn’t work so well for how we want to use the spec.

      Lucent slash ftw :p

  9. rie · September 5, 2013 Reply

    Thank you for this guide. I’m new to Rift, so I am on a steep learning curve and all of your guides have been great and thorough. But I especially appreciate this leveling guide since I have a ways to go before getting to 61.

  10. Bloodthirst · September 27, 2013 Reply


  11. Bloodthirst · September 27, 2013 Reply

    The more i play this build the more i like it. thanks Val! amazing work :)

  12. Alcoholocaust · October 4, 2013 Reply

    Hey just FYI the macro’s you’ve listed have an issue with [ ' ]

    like cast storm’s fury use ‘ instead of ’

    might just be me or my browser. just a heads up for everyone

    - Alco

  13. Spannz · October 11, 2013 Reply

    Hey so what weapons do you use in this spec? Standard staff?

  14. Aram · October 13, 2013 Reply

    Great guide, having a ball with it :) .

    Any chance for a step by step for a pyro or a necro ?.

  15. Siat · October 29, 2013 Reply

    Lvl 46-50 you dont unlock phantom blades .. since you need 48 points in harb

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